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As on today we have around 5000 mould bases efficiently running in the industry. We specialize in both standard as well as custom made mould bases. What our standardization has done for mould bases both small and large has led to an important savings in tooling costs. We take pride on the unmatchable quality we provide to enhance your productivity. Our sound technical guidance and efficient designs go a long way to better your product. In a world where time is money, we assure you of prompt delivery and the most competitive prices.
MASTER BASE AND MOULDS PVT. LTD. A/12 & D/8 Nand Jyot Industrial Estate, Near Safed Pool, Kurla Andheri Road,
Sakinaka, Mumbai 400 072. INDIA. |Telephone: 91-022- 28514488 / 2850 8086 | Email :